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We Are Coming Soon

Welcome to the SAFE-ROAM family!

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SAFE-ROAM is a crowdsourced rating and review platform that strives to help people with disabilities or sensory issues in discovering and enjoying local businesses. 


​We provide users with the information they need to avoid potentially stressful and dangerous environments. Through our community-driven rating and review tool, users will be able to share their experiences and leave reviews based on the environments of local businesses.

SAFE-ROAM will also include the ability to find upcoming local events, along with the environment and venue they will be held in. 

Whether you are a local wanting to explore your city more, or visiting for the first time, we hope you will join us on our mission towards a more sensory friendly and accessible world. 

What is SAFE-ROAM?

Features Displayed

  • Noise Levels

  • Mobility and Access

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Community Driven Reviews

  • Local Event Calendar

Additional Features

  • Food allergen and sensitivity accommodations

  • Handicap parking availability

  • Trained staff

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