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Basic Kitchen : Business of the Week

Our inaugural award for “SAFE-ROAM Business of the Week” goes to Basic Kitchen, located in the heart of downtown Charleston. This weekly accolade will showcase businesses in our city that go above and beyond when it comes to accessibility and accommodation.

Basic Kitchen’s menu is diverse with seasonal and local produce that are healthy and delicious. Their staff is very well-trained when it comes to understanding food sensitivities or allergies you may have, and they will provide you with alternative options that are available. The interior of the restaurant demonstrates calm and relaxing environment with natural light during the daytime. The noise level is typically at a normal range, even with a full house. The mobility inside is above average, and the tables are set apart from one another at a reasonable distance. A wheelchair would fit at the low-set tables, and the entrance to the restaurant is relatively flat with a tiny step up from the sidewalk.

Their employees are very accommodating and welcoming. This is a restaurant that loves the city they are in and proudly serves dishes and an environment that reflect that. The next time you are planning dinner with your family, or a last minute lunch when downtown, make sure to visit Basic Kitchen.

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